"Mackandal turns into a butterfly - a love potion", 10 Novembre (2018)
par Euridice Zaituna Kala, La Galerie CAC Noisy-le-Sec

Euridice Zaituna Kala, Screen shot, video processus pour la performance "Mackandal turns into a Butterfly, a love potion”, 2018 

Measure the Valleys (Ephemeral Archival Station)


DJ Mona Lisa
Friday 4th May, 22hrs


Art, Africa and the 1980s
28.04-30.09, 2018

Being Her(e)

Opening of exhibition Being(Her) curated by Paula Nascimento and Violet Nantume
at Banco Económico Gallery
24.11.- 31.01.18
Calçada Domingos Tehakahanga
nr18 B-Luanda

Exhibition PR

Gabriel Barbi, Ramiro Guerreiro, Ana Jota, Euridice Kala, Simon Thompson 

23.09.- 05.11.17
Rua Tomás del Negro, 8A
1750-105, Lisboa Portugal

Exhibition PR

Performance at Infecting the City Festival, April 2017

Sea (E)scapes 

Fellowship at the UCT (June, 16- March, 17)


Performance in Lisbon, November 2016

As part of the Co-Habitar Exhibition | Casa da America Latina

As we conquer each other, 
as we remain the same
as we conquer the other 
as we are the same,
as we are different 
as we are the same.

Assim que conquistamos um a outro
assim continuamos o mesmo
assim que conquistamos o outro 
assim nos somos o mesmo

assim como somos diferentes

assim que somos iguais

July-August Paris, L'scala, Lisbon, Maputo

this one was a deep period I spent in Paris- more to come soon!!!!! 

June, 2016 Lisbon, Portugal via Dakar, Senegal:
The second phase of dismantling old tropes- the indian ocean is included in this conversation- more to Sea (E)scapes 2015-2017

May 2016 in Dakar, Senegal:

showing the installation Supoe Se a Verdade Fosse Uma Mulher_ E Porque Nao? and also continue to research and collect material for the idea looking at ultramarine travels. 

Video Still, Measuring Blackness and A Guide to Many Other Industries, 2016 

Nov 2015-Feb 2016 in a Research Residency at Hangar, Lisbon:

The residency period consist of an investigative exercise, which will be looking at mapping early ultramarine travels done by the Portuguese or Portugal (late 14th century-18th century) as they stumbled upon the later colonies of Mozambique and Brazil. 
It will have as it focus continuing to document and archive the Paquete de São José a recently discovered shipwreck on the coast of Cape Town that carried slaves from Ilha de Moçambique (one of the main ports which include Sofala and Inhambane) to Brazil. 

Open studio, Hangar, Lisboa, 2016

Open Studio, Hangar, Lisboa, 2016

See more info here!!! 


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